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The Pink Lab

Rebrand your Logo and lables

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Are you tired of your old boring logo?

Want to increase sales by attracting more customers ? 

Make your branding looking fresh and fabulous, with a brand that's sure to turn heads. 

Our team will come up with a new logo, brand board , aesthetic and product lables of your dreams! 

Whats included -

A new LOGO designed just for you

Visual Brand board

3 Product lable designs

60 product/shipping lables printed

Bottles and containers that we can provide to update your new brand



What you get - 

30 Minute consultation (worth R995) to discuss your budget, products and which containers and lables you are wanting to use for your brand- these are NOT included in this purchase and will be quoted additionally depending on what products you want to make. We can work with any budget from R5000 upwards for product purchase. You will then get a customised quote so you can pick and choose which products you want to start your brand with.

Logo Design 

Customised Brand Board 

3 product lable designs 

60 lables printed

Whats NOT included -


Bottles or jars

Why you need to rebrand-

Outdated or ineffective brand: Your current brand strategy, visual identity, messaging, or customer perception may be outdated or ineffective in reaching your target audience or achieving your business goals.

Change in business direction: Your company may have undergone a significant change in direction, such as entering a new market, launching new products, or merging with another company, that requires a rebrand to reflect your new identity and messaging.

Competitive edge: Your competitors may have stronger brand recognition and a better reputation, making it difficult for your company to stand out. A rebrand can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and gain a competitive edge.

Growth and expansion: As your company grows and expands into new markets or regions, a rebrand can help you better communicate your brand identity and messaging to a wider audience.

Ultimately, a brand rebrand and upgrade can help you improve your brand recognition, reputation, and competitiveness, and better align your brand with your business goals and values. It's important to carefully consider the reasons for a rebrand and the potential impact on your stakeholders, customers, and employees before making any changes.