Private Lable VS White Lable

Whats the difference between white lable and private lable cosmetics?

White Label in Cosmetic Manufacturing:
In cosmetic manufacturing, white labeling refers to the practice of a manufacturer producing cosmetic products and allowing other companies to purchase and market those products under their own brand names. The manufacturer typically offers a range of pre-formulated and pre-packaged products that can be easily customized with the client's branding. The client company, often a retailer or a cosmetic brand, can simply add their label or logo to the packaging and sell the products as their own. The manufacturer remains anonymous to the end consumer.

Private Label in Cosmetic Manufacturing:
Private labeling in the cosmetic industry involves a company manufacturing cosmetic products exclusively for a specific client under the client's brand name. Unlike white labeling, private labeling typically involves a closer collaboration between the manufacturer and the client to create customized formulations, packaging, and branding and is more expensive. With private label manufacturing, the client has more control over the entire product development process. They work closely with the manufacturer to develop unique formulations, select specific ingredients, and create custom packaging designs that align with their brand identity. The resulting products are exclusively manufactured for the client and cannot be sold or distributed by other companies.

Private lable

If we don’t have something in our extensive white lable products range then we can formulate a bespoke product just for you as Private Lable. In general it costs between R3000 to R4000 per product to formulate something just for you.

The process starts with a deposit of R1000 for 2 hours – this includes a short live consultation to establish your needs and discuss options, and we come up with your dream formula. Then all the researching and sourcing to make sure actives work well together, PH range etc.

We can then give you a final costing on what your dream product would cost to manufacture - MOQ of 1-5 litres. Then we can go ahead with creating a sample for you which costs R2000-R3000 depending.

This includes research, experiment, purchase our standard ingredients, raws and actives if on hand- anything unusual of for your expense. We make a test batch (sometimes 3 or 4) to ensure product emulsion stability. You are then supplied with 1 sample. This price includes all ingredients that we have on hand- we have most- if its something unusual I would have to import it and that would be extra.